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This wallpapers are awesome! Can you please make some Star Wars wallpapers as well?
I have used these in my YouTube Vids and they are just great. "…". Keep up the great work
You are really good at what you do man! I wanna learn, you should probably make a tut video or something!

And I wish you'd stop putting the watermark on them so we could see it properly. Watermark is right on the faces, and it really ruins everything. May be start putting your logos on them instead so people wont steal them. Or put the view on much smaller version so people wont really be able to do anything with it. Anything but not the watermark. I really wanna see the face!

Love this gallery!
these are awesome!! could you by any chance compile them into a rar so maybe i can download all of your cool poster at once.. or maybe make the one like ~LadyKarnstein suggest.. it would be so great.. thanx! :D
LadyKarnstein Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing! I saw your superheroes poster on 9gag and end up here! Do you have the 9gag post poster as a high resolution file or for sale? I would love to print it for my childrenīs room.
I support your petition!! I want one too :D
They're awesome!!!
Looking forward to Megamind, Metroman
aaaaand Jenny Wakeman (xj-9)
EyesOfTheForest Jul 25, 2012  Student General Artist
my favourite of your work! keep up the great work!!
I would buy almost all of these in T-shirt form.
These are fantastic. You are amazingly creative.
Are you planning for a hi-res download pack of these?
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